PRIVACY POLICY and King Bankruptcy Practice protect the confidentiality and security of the information we gather in the course of servicing orders for THE KING BANKRUPTCY PRACTICE SERIES.

We will gather, and disclose, personal information about you only as allowed by law. We do not share with or disclose to third parties the names, e-mail addresses, street addresses or credit card information submitted to us by our customers.

For orders for products not published by King Bankruptcy Practice, we forward your order information directly to the vendor only. We will not share this information, or disclose personal or financial information about you to other vendors or parties not authorized by you. We will not release or sell your name and address to other vendors.

Our pledge applies to personal information, which is nonpublic information about you that we obtain in connection with your orders and inquiries about books and other products, including your physical address, e-mail address and credit card information.